Wednesday, 26 December 2012

and a happy little christmas to you

well, the world didn't end with a bang, as i admit, a part of me thought it might. nope, we're all still here, merrily draining our glasses and breathing out heavy sighs, announcing when the diet will be starting...that is until new years of course, when we'll be swinging from the stars declaring that the drink in our hand is and will be THE last drink. We're always so full of 'start as you mean to go on's and 'this is the year'. now i'm not saying that i am not guilty of saying such things, in fact i think i may be the one shouting them from the highest star. but one thing that gets me, is that every year i find myself sat on the sofa on boxing day, slightly hungover, too full and in much need of a cigarette thinking 'so, there goes another year'. what happens to all my ideas and plans all those 365days ago?
however, this year, THIS CHRISTMAS HAS BEEN DIFFERENT. ok ok, yes i'm still sat on the sofa writing this, still too full and gagging for a fag, but but BUT, i'm thinking the world is going to carry on with it's little spin, no matter what i decide to last year i made all those plans and what happened? the world spun them out of my hands and now my life is so completely different to what is was all those days ago. so y'know what? this year i'm going to wing it. there's only one rule, DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY.
and that's it.
one resolution.
surely i can keep one resolution right?
of course the 'do what makes me happy' umbrella will be broken down in to little pretty steps before new years... :)

so, hope you all are having a great christmas! i feel so happy and lucky to have such amazing family and friends, they've all been there for me this year, and i send big love to them all!
and T, he's made me different, made me better, or maybe just dusted me off so my shine is brighter now, but whatever he's done, he's made me so happy.

i would show you a few snapshots of my christmas, but the internet is being ridiculous! have to wait til january!

so hope you all have a fabulous new years, i know i will DEFINITELY be starting mine as i mean to go on... hahaha!

see y'all on the other side!

love and all that jazz x

Thursday, 13 December 2012

give us a smile for christmas

on a wintery day i packed a small bag with jumpers and oranges and skipped back to the forest.
my lips are chapped and the cold fog clings in my hair as it settles between the hills.
the icy air seeps through my jumper and when i'm cuddled under blankets it slips under drafty doors and traces patterns across my skin.

i have to say sorry for my lack of blogging...i've recently moved into a flat with the lovely kim from sweet monday and we have yet to have internet...a tad annoying.
i hope all you lovely people are having a glittery christmas?
love and all that jazz x