Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Boy With The Fairy Lights

T left his shoes here. When I got back to the flat after walking with him to the train station I saw them on the floor. It made me smile, it was like a guarantee that he was coming back. And they weren't just strewn across my room, I knew he hadn't left them by mistake in his mad dash to catch the train. They were placed together at the foot of my chest of drawers, purposely left.

Here's the thing about T, I'm mad about the guy.

One of my favourite memories is the first time we went for coffee, I had laughed so much when we found out we both took it the same way. I thought it was wonderful that two strangers would meet and happen to both want black coffee with three sugars. Maybe it's not that uncommon, but I'd never met anybody before T that liked it quite that sweet. 
I smoke more now I'm with him, but we quite like cigarettes...
I am different with him, but in a good way. And I love the fact that I can run around and round and jump up and down and then start dancing just because I've spotted olives in Asda... and he just smiles, and tells me he loves me. 

Love and all that jazz x