Wednesday, 26 December 2012

and a happy little christmas to you

well, the world didn't end with a bang, as i admit, a part of me thought it might. nope, we're all still here, merrily draining our glasses and breathing out heavy sighs, announcing when the diet will be starting...that is until new years of course, when we'll be swinging from the stars declaring that the drink in our hand is and will be THE last drink. We're always so full of 'start as you mean to go on's and 'this is the year'. now i'm not saying that i am not guilty of saying such things, in fact i think i may be the one shouting them from the highest star. but one thing that gets me, is that every year i find myself sat on the sofa on boxing day, slightly hungover, too full and in much need of a cigarette thinking 'so, there goes another year'. what happens to all my ideas and plans all those 365days ago?
however, this year, THIS CHRISTMAS HAS BEEN DIFFERENT. ok ok, yes i'm still sat on the sofa writing this, still too full and gagging for a fag, but but BUT, i'm thinking the world is going to carry on with it's little spin, no matter what i decide to last year i made all those plans and what happened? the world spun them out of my hands and now my life is so completely different to what is was all those days ago. so y'know what? this year i'm going to wing it. there's only one rule, DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY.
and that's it.
one resolution.
surely i can keep one resolution right?
of course the 'do what makes me happy' umbrella will be broken down in to little pretty steps before new years... :)

so, hope you all are having a great christmas! i feel so happy and lucky to have such amazing family and friends, they've all been there for me this year, and i send big love to them all!
and T, he's made me different, made me better, or maybe just dusted me off so my shine is brighter now, but whatever he's done, he's made me so happy.

i would show you a few snapshots of my christmas, but the internet is being ridiculous! have to wait til january!

so hope you all have a fabulous new years, i know i will DEFINITELY be starting mine as i mean to go on... hahaha!

see y'all on the other side!

love and all that jazz x

Thursday, 13 December 2012

give us a smile for christmas

on a wintery day i packed a small bag with jumpers and oranges and skipped back to the forest.
my lips are chapped and the cold fog clings in my hair as it settles between the hills.
the icy air seeps through my jumper and when i'm cuddled under blankets it slips under drafty doors and traces patterns across my skin.

i have to say sorry for my lack of blogging...i've recently moved into a flat with the lovely kim from sweet monday and we have yet to have internet...a tad annoying.
i hope all you lovely people are having a glittery christmas?
love and all that jazz x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Take What Is Yours

Take What Is Yours

Now it's your turn, my love,
Give me your heart,
Wrench it from your chest,
It will only hurt for a while.
Is that want you want to hear?
Or should I tell you the truth, because we're not kids anymore and you know you're going to bleed.
Your blood will run thick and hot across your skin,
And as you place your heart in my hand,
Watch as it beats a fast thud that threatens to deafen.
The noise roars louder and fills up our world,
It crashes around us and opens up wounds.
Your face looks strange,
Contorted from the pain and explosions of laughter.
The shouts of joy and terror make our bodies tremble,
Our world thrashes and spins fast enough to blind.
And as our tears stream and bones ache
Just hear that thud and keep holding on.
When it stops,
When it all stops,
We are still standing, with healed scars across our chests,
And holding in our arms, eachothers hearts.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

and so it is...the last of the summer

i think it's time to say it, here goes...

winter, winter is here.

the cold draft of winters kiss has enveloped us, the  threadbare blanket pulled tight across our bones and from chapped lips we breath pale clouds.

monday i captured the last day of summer, just before it slipped into it's wonderfully long slumber.

mr.spider preparing for long nights amongst the raspberries
i gathered up the sweetest taste of summery days slipping away
lazing in my workshop, watching the world spin
the weekend brought happy days with T, just us and whatever we wanted to do
T with our yummy shakes in cheltenham
letting T doodle on my leg
a present from T: a wooden heart to keep a wish safe
hope you're all looking forward to halloween... i'm excited for saturday, celebrating the old fashioned way with friends and alcohol :)
love and all that jazz x


Friday, 12 October 2012

what a lovely morning

the sun smiles this morning :)

sending warm hugs to everybody out there...
the earth is so soothing, being in the garden with mum and the chickens feels like a huge hug.

mum trying to plant the elephant garlic but the chickens want to see what's happening too!
my lovely worshop peeking out from the wild flowers and vegetables :)
yummy leak and potato soup with sourdough bread
lots of love and all the jazz in the world x 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Oh Sugar do do doodo do dodo

i need cheering up...but first i need to write something down so it gets out of my head and i can move up and away.
sorry i haven't been around, i feel kind of stuck at the moment. and i don't feel like anybody really  gets it.
this year has brought a lot of sadness for me, i haven't spoken about it all to many people, and i know i haven't said much on here. but that's just because i needed to just keep going, keep on swimming, because otherwise it all falls down.
early in the year i left a long relationship, i moved out and back with my parents, i then quit my job and was really, really lost. my entire life had changed, nothing was normal anymore and it was the saddest, quietest time in my life.
but i knew i couldn't stay in a non-existence forever, so i eventually found another job, only to come home the day before i started to the news that my uncle had committed suicide.
everything was very still for a very long time.
and after the initial despair left, a quiet feeling of dread stayed around for ages. i was afraid. scared of life, scared that it was all so fragile and what if i was doing it all wrong?
when i finally managed to get back into some ordinary thinking, got my job and health back on track, me and a lovely friend started planning moving. moving from fields and mud to a bigger city with sparkly lights.
i promised i'd get back into blogging, back to writing.
then a few weeks ago my beautiful dog died. the house still feels empty.
this year has left me feeling weary, so bone tired.
i am glad that the new year is so near, i can almost smell the cooler air.
i heard 2012 was going to be the end to things, well for me it has been the end to many things, but now at least i can say there are only new beginnings left to explore.
the move to the glittery city is well and truly rolling in the right direction.
and i have somebody. somebody who i know will never end, somebody who is wonderful and i don't need to say his name because he knows who he is. together we are just beginning.

right, not i've got that out of me once and for all, i need cheering are some cakes i've been baking coming sooooonly :)

love and all that jazz x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

bad hair cut day

today has not been too good.
i'll explain.
as you may know, i don't go to hairdressers. they are strange people, as in THEY NEVER LISTEN.
maybe they don't have ears....maybe in order to join the hairdresser club you have to have your ears cut off.
"don't worry!" they'll say. "you can style your hair so nobody notices you don't have ears".
after today i hate them so much when i next see one i'm going to run over to them and grab their hair and reveal the horrible truth to the entire world.
then maybe call them a bitch.
or slut. not because they actually are bitches and sluts (in fact judging by the one way conversation they manage to witter to themselves i fail to see how anyone stuck around long enough for them even to bin the V-plates) but because i am currently looking like a 12 year old war time evacuee.
and it's all thanks to no-ears.
bugger and ass.
shit and fuck.
damn blast and sodding CRAP.

do you see?
i know i'm moaning. but i can't stop. you don't have to listen, but if you do i promise to listen to you if you ever have a slut cut your hair.
and then we can go and expose they ear-less heads to the world together.
as always, love and all that jazz x

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

wonderful wednesdays presents...sweet bread, with love

sweet bread, with love
16oz plain flour
2oz sugar
2 tsp baking powder
just under half a tsp of bicarbonate soda
pinch of salt
8oz raisins...or as many as you want!
splash of cider vinegar...about 1 tbsp
1/2 pint of soya milk...and you'll need more to add if it's still a bit too dry and not sticking together
1) grab your favourite mixing bowl and sift in the flour and add the sugar, salt, baking powder and bicarbonate soda. give it a mix.
2) now add those raisins...mmmm
3) all righty then, now measure out your soya milk...
4) and stir the soya milk and vinegar into the dry mixture.
now we're rocking!
5) it should look like the above picture... try not to over mix it, just a tad will do.
then bang it in a greased tin...



6) bake at 175o for about an hour.
test it with a cake tester/chop stick to make sure it's baked all the way through andddddd....
it tastes amazing warm from the oven or cold the next day.
serve smothered in v.butter and jam with a cuppa tea :)
hope you all enjoy!
love and all that jazz x

Thursday, 30 August 2012

wonderful wednesdays pie from way up high

apple pie from way up high
3 x large cooking apples
enough sugar to taste
for the pastry
8oz plain flour
4oz vegan butter
2oz sugar
dash of salt
extra sugar for sprinkling
soya milk
1) oky doky lets get this show on the road!
sift the flour into your favourite mixing bowl and add the sugar and salt.
2) now get messy with the butter...
use your hands to rub the butter into the flour should look like tiny breadcrumbs
cool hands are best for this, if you're one hot gal you'll be left with sticky breadcrumbs...

3) now throw in a few tablespoons of water bit by bit until the breadcrumbs all bind together into a dough.
andddddd you're done! pop it in le fridge for about 20mins to chillax.
4) whilst the dough is being uber cool...
peel the apples and slice them quite thin.

5) pop them into a saucepan with a tad of water and some sugar.
you don't need hardly any water because the apples will cook in there own juice. add a bit of sugar to start with but then keep on testing it and add more as the apples cook. (but don't eat all of it because then your pie will be nothing but pastry)
when the apples are stewing wonderfully add some cinnamon.
6) when apples are cooked and soft and yummy yummy scrummy...
flour your table and grab your cool dough.
7) take half of your dough and roll it out quite thin, then lift it using your rolling pin (roll some of the flattened dough around the rolling pin to help you lift it without tearing it) and place it into your pie dish.
8) now fill up your pie with those tasty apples!
me and T tried to get some blackberries but because of our rubbish summer they're late this year so we only managed to find 12! grrr.
but we put them in anyway :)

9) now roll out your top piece and use whatever is left for decoration on top :) i also used a fork to seal the edges because the effect reminds me of Snow White when the little blue birds use their feet to create the markings :)
finally brush the pastry with soya milk, sprinkle with extra sugar, prick through with fork and pop in the oven!
10) bake at 200o until golden brown.....ENJOY! :)
love and all that jazz x



Wednesday, 29 August 2012


just thought i'd share our lazy sunday...
one veggie and one vegan breakfast :)
off we go to find some blackberries
T rolling a cigarette on the edge of nowhere
baking sweet bread and apple pie, the recipes will be available soonly :)
and of course my gorgeous beanie baby

love and all that jazz x


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

pretty things to make your heart sing

just a few pretty things for sale here
love and all that jazz x