Tuesday, 28 February 2012


sometimes, the world gets so heavy. 
it's like i don't notice the trees melting, and they drip sticky sap onto my bare shoulders. 
the sea is so thick, it pulses against rocks and they crash in my head and my teeth grind with the pressure and i can taste the blood but i can't stop. 
i'm underwater and i'm drowning, i'm slipping over stones. someplace far away over the miles that stretch before me i can hear the drones.
i am weak. a weak pathetic human. what surrounds me is stronger, it will not relent, give in or give up.
i know i will fall, crumple into the ground. my last retching breath and aching bones will smear into that deafening sound. 
sometimes the world is too heavy.

Monday, 27 February 2012

mark the stars

in our times of fury,
we roll in our wretched despair.
our skin drenched in the hate,
as it drips from our swollen bodies 
over wounds laid bare.
we shout and we scream.
our anger scratches against the sky,
our words hiss as they mark the stars
and as we claw and rip and tear everything apart,
in the darkness we then cry.
we cry for what is broken,
in shaking fear that it cannot be fixed.
in the glowing ambers of our storm
we hunger for what now is missed.

happy monsters

a few words about saturday night...

we were a mess. a beautiful writhing mess of happy monsters. we bared our teeth and pushed through the bodies, always wanting the music closer, to feel it seeping through our skin and scratching against our bones. we twirled and span and jumped and ran away from anything that could hurt us. we breathed in the night and it tasted so sweet. the sugary residue of those happy memories lingered through the dawn.
and as the cold morning light sliced through our consciousness, the happy monsters made their way home.


Friday, 24 February 2012

fabulous fridays presents... gimmie a ring, but hunny, i don't mean on the phone

well hello pretty people! hope everyones friday is as fabulous as it should be? 
bought myself a sweet little dress today to wear tomorrow. it was a rather lovely shopping spree that lasted almost the entire 30minutes of my lunch break. i am mentioning this because i feel it may be the ending to a bad streak i've been having lately with shopping. 
me and those shops, we haven't been seeing eye to eye. 
they closed their doors on me, they had slip slip tiled floors which made me go slip slip, all the clothes laughed at me and wouldn't let me get into my usual 10. 
buuuut, today of all days, when i was doubtful that my friday was going to be anywhere near fabulous, today was the day that i skipped into dorothy.p and saw this dahling of a dress that shimmied over all the right places.
can i get a woop woop?
when i'm all dressed up tomorrow i'll take a pic to show you the dress that is the start of my winning streak :)

and ohhh before i go, heres some rings i've made recently from discarded brooches and badges.
and my first few necklaces.

love and all that jazz x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

wonderful wednesdays presents... curry lentils tofu style

well hello all you lovely people :) hope you're all having a wonderful wednesday?
today is a quick recipe that uses red lentils, the same as the lentil soup.

curry lentils...tofu style
ingredients (serves 4 people)

medium red onion
3 medium cloves garlic
tin of tomatoes
300g red lentils
2 medium apples
half packet plain tofu
3 table spoons mango chutney
a good load of curry powder
large pinch of salt
vegetable or olive oil for cooking

1) chop onion and fry gently in oil for a few mins

2) chop apples into small pieces (the last thing you want is to be chewing your way through a gigantic chunk of apple halfway through your curry) and add to onions and cook until soft (5mins)

3) add the lentils and mix it together, then crush and chop the garlic and bang it in the pan!

4) add the tin of tomatoes and stir it all together. 

5) chop up the tofu into chunks, you'll find that it's very squishy so it helps to sort of squish it with your hands slightly over the sink so that some of the water drains out. (if you use smoked tofu you won't have to do this)
then add the chopped tofu in with everything with enough boiling water so it just about covers and leave it to simmer, for about 10mins. (remember to keep stirring it here and there so it doesn't burn)

6) when it's almost cooked (the lentils will start to go all fluffy) add the mango chutney and stir lots and lots!

7) now stir in the salt and curry powder and you're done! see? told you it was eeeeasy :)

i was lazy tonight and just ate it as it is, but it's great served with poppadoms or a baked potato :)

lovety love x

someplace in the sky


i captured this when i was out on a walk with the mother a few weeks back, when the air was that sort of cold and dry where it kinda hurts to breathe? but you know you need to take that next breath if only because the stuff that surrounds you is so god damn beautiful and you don't wana miss it.

i received the 'cute blog' award by the fantastically lovely tiny sailor :)

1. What is your go to make-up product?
black liquid eyeliner from the beauty without cruelty range
2. What's your favourite fashion trend of 2012?
erm, ok, i'm being totally honest here, i don't exactly keep up to date with all things fashion related...but i do really love all the big and weird statement jewellery i'm seeing around lately
3. What is your favourite dessert?
my mums vegan chocolate cake!
4. Favourite color?
ohhh deary me i do indeed love all colours! but olive green has a special place in my heart. (as does scarlet red!)
5. What is your middle name?
6. What was the last song you listened to?
the girl, by city and colour

7. Cats or Dogs?
love em both! and rabbits
8.One thing I have never mentioned in my blog...
i want to be a writer

Cute Blogs:

love and all that jazz x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

easter cards

just a few designs that will be for sale in time for easter :) 

i would just like to say a biggest hugest dinosaur-sized thank you to all you beautiful people who follow my little blog.
it makes me so happy.
and if it wasn't for all you lot all of the nonsensical mischief that bounces around inside my head would have nobody to talk to.

sending you all the love and pretty things x

celebrating pancakes

happy pancake day everybody!
hope you've all got tummies full of yumminess.

i do love a good pancake, but weirdly only eat them once a year?!
and it's sort of the same for these goodies-

candyfloss-only at the fun fair or by the seaside
popcorn-only at the cinema
mince pies-only at christmas
icecream-only on my birthday (or somebody else's birthday and i have access to vegan icecream)
chips-normally only when i'm having a 'day out' somewhere cute and i want to be baaaaaad because it tastes so guuuuuud
jelly-only on my birthday 

and it's not like i intentionally only eat them on those certain times, it's just the way it always seems to be. but then, after looking at that list, i think it may be a slightly good thing that i only eat it all occasionally, because i think if i ate it all the time i would be the size of a house. and not a small house either, one of those huge gigantic things that has its own gatehouse and stuff.


i had a beautiful day in Hay On Wye with the boyf and our friend Scott.
between the three of us we bought eighteen books.
eighteen books!
that is a lot of books.
in case you hadn't guessed, we like books.
it's pretty much been my perfect day, plenty of words, coffee and good company.

and of course, tonight there was pancakes...

so i am a happy bunny. 
and speaking of bunnies...my next post will feature some handmade easter cards that will be for sale before easter :)

love and all that jazz x

Monday, 20 February 2012

whispers through a tired mind

saturday night was good.
sunday morning was, not so good.
as morning light dragged me back to a world too real for me to deal with, i struggled against the blankets, they were too hot.
i fought against the noise that cracked a gap in my skull and pushed its way though.
i winced as needles and red hot pokers stabbed at my feet.
i shivered against the cold and found the blankets once again and tried my very best to disappear beneath them. 
i shut my eyes and closed my mind and squeezed my entire body small enough not to feel or hear or see anything. 
and i stayed like that until sleep took mercy on my pathetic form and pulled me back under, to a land of nothingness.
when afternoon stomped into the room i ignored it.
when 1pm banged on my window i told it to go away.
but, sometime later, when 2pm sighed at me and rolled its eyes i finally found the strength. i lazed on the sofa, i moped in front of the fridge and as i was about to return to the safety of my bed i felt like slapping myself.
i hate being hungover.
but i hate loosing a day to it even more.
so off i went.
i drank my body weight in water, put on my most comfortable shoes and began the walk from my flat down to Mitcheldean, where i had left my car the night before. 
here's my woodland journey.

my little walk was beautiful and swept my head of all its fuzziness. 
i did get a little bit scared when i was in the middle of the woods, all by myself and really really thought i heard something and when got slightly convinced it was pixies planning to take me away...
but it's ok, the pixies only wanted to chat.

upon reaching my car i drove over to my parents and was greeted with yummy soup. (the mothers cure for everything.)

never let the hangover beat you

Friday, 17 February 2012

fabulous fridays presents... foxy roxy

so, if you're not from the forest of dean then you might not have heard of 'the wilderness centre'. it's this beautiful old building that has been used to help educate children about the nature around them. it was shut recently because the council couldn't afford to keep it open, and now is going to be sold. this isn't good news. if it gets sold to a private buyer it could be turned into a hotel or more housing, things we really don't need.
'Friends of the wilderness centre' are a voluntary organisation formed to support the wilderness centre and to keep it going as a environmental education centre. 
i believe children need outdoor learning experiences, they need to know about things that cannot be taught from a classroom. every child should have a safe place to learn about the world around them whilst breathing fresh air.
so on thursday they held a public launch, if they can raise enough money the council will sell the wilderness to their charitable trust. 
i of course wanted to go to show my support and my mother, councillor Jackie Fraser asked me to not only come along, but to come along wearing this...

it was my job to stand on the side of the road and shout and wave and jump about at oncoming cars to try and get them to come and check out the launch. 
it was actually quite funny, there were other people all holding boards that read 'SAVE THE WILDERNESS' and i ran about like a mad person. 
every time somebody honked their car horn we all cheered.

mother and daughter


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

be my valentine

WARNING contains soppy photographs 

so me and the boyf are one of those couples that do indeed celebrate v.day. not over the top, never expensive presents or major fuss, just something little to say 'hey there sweet little thing, lets cuddle'
we weren't sure what to do this year, we never really go for meals, they're no fun. and we decided to pass on the rom com. so that left only one option... 'The Woman In Black'! and oh golly miss molly was it scary! passion was replaced by fear. 
but anyway, here comes the slush...

the things i made the boyf (i made the chalk board because he's reading sherlock at the moment and whilst sat in bed a few weeks ago commented how strange it would be if we all still wrote on chalk boards but in a kinda good way. so there it is. ha.)
a little book full of tiny words of love
and of course pic 'n' mix

my yummies

i don't normally do the 'outfit post' thingy, just because, well i never seem to have time to put anything on that doesn't have paint/mud on it. 
but as it's v.day...heres a glimpse of what i skipped along to the cinema in. (and thats my FAVOURITE panda pin ever.)

well then lovelies, hope you all have a beautiful valentines, all the love and all that jazz