Thursday, 25 October 2012

and so it is...the last of the summer

i think it's time to say it, here goes...

winter, winter is here.

the cold draft of winters kiss has enveloped us, the  threadbare blanket pulled tight across our bones and from chapped lips we breath pale clouds.

monday i captured the last day of summer, just before it slipped into it's wonderfully long slumber.

mr.spider preparing for long nights amongst the raspberries
i gathered up the sweetest taste of summery days slipping away
lazing in my workshop, watching the world spin
the weekend brought happy days with T, just us and whatever we wanted to do
T with our yummy shakes in cheltenham
letting T doodle on my leg
a present from T: a wooden heart to keep a wish safe
hope you're all looking forward to halloween... i'm excited for saturday, celebrating the old fashioned way with friends and alcohol :)
love and all that jazz x


Friday, 12 October 2012

what a lovely morning

the sun smiles this morning :)

sending warm hugs to everybody out there...
the earth is so soothing, being in the garden with mum and the chickens feels like a huge hug.

mum trying to plant the elephant garlic but the chickens want to see what's happening too!
my lovely worshop peeking out from the wild flowers and vegetables :)
yummy leak and potato soup with sourdough bread
lots of love and all the jazz in the world x 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Oh Sugar do do doodo do dodo

i need cheering up...but first i need to write something down so it gets out of my head and i can move up and away.
sorry i haven't been around, i feel kind of stuck at the moment. and i don't feel like anybody really  gets it.
this year has brought a lot of sadness for me, i haven't spoken about it all to many people, and i know i haven't said much on here. but that's just because i needed to just keep going, keep on swimming, because otherwise it all falls down.
early in the year i left a long relationship, i moved out and back with my parents, i then quit my job and was really, really lost. my entire life had changed, nothing was normal anymore and it was the saddest, quietest time in my life.
but i knew i couldn't stay in a non-existence forever, so i eventually found another job, only to come home the day before i started to the news that my uncle had committed suicide.
everything was very still for a very long time.
and after the initial despair left, a quiet feeling of dread stayed around for ages. i was afraid. scared of life, scared that it was all so fragile and what if i was doing it all wrong?
when i finally managed to get back into some ordinary thinking, got my job and health back on track, me and a lovely friend started planning moving. moving from fields and mud to a bigger city with sparkly lights.
i promised i'd get back into blogging, back to writing.
then a few weeks ago my beautiful dog died. the house still feels empty.
this year has left me feeling weary, so bone tired.
i am glad that the new year is so near, i can almost smell the cooler air.
i heard 2012 was going to be the end to things, well for me it has been the end to many things, but now at least i can say there are only new beginnings left to explore.
the move to the glittery city is well and truly rolling in the right direction.
and i have somebody. somebody who i know will never end, somebody who is wonderful and i don't need to say his name because he knows who he is. together we are just beginning.

right, not i've got that out of me once and for all, i need cheering are some cakes i've been baking coming sooooonly :)

love and all that jazz x