Saturday, 23 April 2011

summer is the only time lettuce tastes good

the last time i checked, the world was grey, like it was all made out of cardboard or something, all worn out and going fury at the edges. 
so today as i drove down the tiny twisting lanes that lead to The Parents house i felt like somebody tapped me on the shoulder and said "hey, y'know all that wintery stuff? well, it's all gone! take a look!"
so i did. and what did i see? the most hugest leafy trees reaching up into the bluest sky i've ever seen, (the kind of blue that you can never find in a paint pot in the garden centre) wonderfully soft rounded hedges and wild flowers dancing everywhere. i wanted to jump into the wildness wearing a white floaty dress and run around laughing whilst rabbits and squirrels danced around my bare feet and in the distance somebody would be playing a harp or a violin or something...
well, it didn't go quite like that. instead i let the car dribble to a stop whilst i gazed open-mouthed at the wonderland i had just woken into. where had all those trees come from? had they just grown overnight? did little sprites dart through the night planting them all? i rubbed my forehead trying to remember if they had always had so many leaves...maybe the pixies sewed them onto the bare branches just before dawn? and where have all the clouds gone? i stare up into the sky, it's so blue it hurts my eyes, i search but theres none to be found, they've all been swept up and put away, ready for the next rainy day. 
after some time i give a happy sigh, summer is here! and because i'm in the middle of nowhere and i'm positive the only thing watching me is the cow in the field, i do a little mad dance.
after a few more minutes of driving and feeling like i should start a new career as a presenter on a nature program i arrive at The Parents. i come clattering into the kitchen and drop my bags onto the tiled floor. "mum did you know it's completely summer out there?" i gesture to the window.
The Mother looks at me, pausing with the sieve over the sink, a slightly surprised expression on her face. "um, yes." 
i stare at her. "i mean, it's like 100% hot and sunny and theres trees and stuff." 
she looks at the window, and then slowly back at me.
"with leaves." i add, kicking off my shoes.
The Mother stops rinsing the lettuce and raises her eyebrows, she looks like she always does when she secretly scared i've gone mad but doesn't want me to know she's thinking that. "Millie darling, it's been beautifully sunny for quite some time. and there have always been trees." then she returns to the lettuce.

so i guess what i'm trying to say is 'happy early summer everybody!'

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