Wednesday, 28 December 2011

looking back with a happy sigh

every year since i can remember, when it's all over i get post christmas depression. i feel like the owner of a hot air balloon in a world that has run out of fire and is short on air. all my dreams and glittery hopes lay lifeless on the ground, with all the colours muddled together and stitching coming loose. 
but this year is different. of course i still had the usual christmas blues when i opened crusty, make-up filled eyes tuesday morning. my mind immediately spinning round and round the thought of all that sugary confectionary i had consumed, the glass upon glass full of smooth intoxicating liquid i had drunk. my head lurched and crashed knowing that the flat looked like a bomb had exploded and i had ignored it because 'it was christmas'. thoughts of the remnants of the party poppers, wrapping paper, spilled sticky popcorn and diet coke and glitter that shrouded every surface banged and cracked against every wall of my skull. 
but then something happened this year that doesn't usually happen. i sighed, had a moan, and went to work. i did a bit more moping, but then that was it. no lasting sorrow, no tears because i had to wait another year to eat christmas pudding. 
instead i have hope rattling around my head. hope and also strength and determination that this year will be a fabulous year. and i'm happy. i really am, i'm so happy that i can look back over this christmas and say it's been amazing.
here's the best of my christmas...
decorating the christmas tree

baking vegan mince pies

seeing friends

christmas morning 

wondering what the giant prezzie from the boyf was...

enjoying popcorn on christmas morning

seeing the boyf enjoy his prezzie

spoilt rotten

spending time with the family

seeing the brother in dads hat!

and beanie baby asleep with her christmas prezzie

i hope you all had wonderfully sparkly christmases :)
make sure you raise your glass high on saturday for all the fabulously new and shiny things the new year will bring, i'll drink to that.

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