Tuesday, 17 July 2012

the weekend that things turned glittery

two cups of tea and you and me
dinosaur chocolate shortbread...
(because dinosaur shortbread tastes better than normal shortbread...i dinosaur promise)
cupcakes on cobbled streets
and a boat under the stars

we drifted through the hours, breathing in cigarettes and the city air. we drank black coffee and gulped down each others company, being close enough to hear our breath leave our lungs was intoxicating.
and then everything changed.
we ran into each other, jumping up high enough for our shoes to slip from our feet. our bodies smashed together loud enough and hard enough that we heard our bones creak.
we grasped hands and then we fell back onto the earth, hitting the ground so loud people thought it was thunder.
we lay there crumpled and dazed, under that bright blue sky and warm light. and then under the watchful gaze of a billion shining stars that had all heard those three words being spoken, we stood and walked into a place we had never been.
everything glittered.
and we smiled.

love and all that jazz x


Katie said...

The dinosaur shortbread looks delicious! And the cupcakes look great too, definitely have a sugar craving now! :) xo

Party Poison said...

that dino shortbread looks mad awesome! :D

Zia Blue said...

it's true- everything is better with dinosaurs!