Friday, 16 November 2012

Take What Is Yours

Take What Is Yours

Now it's your turn, my love,
Give me your heart,
Wrench it from your chest,
It will only hurt for a while.
Is that want you want to hear?
Or should I tell you the truth, because we're not kids anymore and you know you're going to bleed.
Your blood will run thick and hot across your skin,
And as you place your heart in my hand,
Watch as it beats a fast thud that threatens to deafen.
The noise roars louder and fills up our world,
It crashes around us and opens up wounds.
Your face looks strange,
Contorted from the pain and explosions of laughter.
The shouts of joy and terror make our bodies tremble,
Our world thrashes and spins fast enough to blind.
And as our tears stream and bones ache
Just hear that thud and keep holding on.
When it stops,
When it all stops,
We are still standing, with healed scars across our chests,
And holding in our arms, eachothers hearts.



Zia Blue said...

loved it :3 very vivid imagery.

Phantom Pupil said...

I miss all of your writings :)