Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My Darling Sun

I feel like today marks the end to winters long sleep.
As I walked through woods with yawning trees, their branches creaking as they stretched, the breeze was warm and damp on the back of my neck. I sucked in greedy lung fulls of air, spreading my fingers over delicate snowdrops, wondering where the daffodils were.
Over the past few weeks an anxious feeling has crept back, it seeped into the centre of my body and sometimes I feel it easing between my bones. Most of the time I forget it's there, or rather, I don't feel it at all. But then out of the blue blue skies it can start knawing at my stomach, with no warning, and if I let it, I can start to feel very lost.
But after a much needed long walk with my mother this morning I feel like the sun on my skin and the earth under my feet soothed me. We walked and walked, three hours in total, we kept walking and the sun and the sweat kept my body warm and now I feel happy. My feet ache a lot, but blistered feet are better than moths that bite at the inside of your stomach.

I do hope you lovelies are enjoying this early spring.

Love and all that jazz x

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