Monday, 27 October 2014

A Lazy Sunday&Love Food Festival

So On Sunday T and I hopped along to Love Food Festival which was at The Paintworks in Bristol. It wasn't a planned thing, we were having one of those lazy Sundays, the kind where I got up, baked brownies and soda bread and then got back into bed with T and we drank coffee and smoked cigarettes until 1pm. 

I happened to see it mentioned on Twitter so we decided to take a stroll on down. It took us around 30 minutes to walk there, our legs moved slowly as we chatted and laughed and pointed at the river and birds and dogs.

Unfortunately it wasn't a very vegan friendly festival, but I enjoyed it all the same. T bought some kind of organic smoked cheese and I bought my mum a bottle of elderflower champagne.

Then our hearts jumped when we saw a stall selling wonderful is safe to say that T and I LOVE chutneys. So we decided on a red onion chutney, which tastes UNBELIEVABLE. It's like, a jar of caramelized onions. Yes, there did come a point yesterday when I had a spoon in the jar.

But the best thing was the table heaving with loaves of bread...sourdough, focaccia and pizza breads....DROOL.
So we opted for two loaves of sourdough, one white one granary. 
Then we went home, sliced up onions, tomatoes, capers and spinach and made a thousand sandwiches and ate them all.

I'd forgotten the power of a good sandwich. 


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