Monday, 3 January 2011

the resolutions

number one
i will eat less sugar and eat more lettuce 

number two
i will be brave and stop muting the woman on my pilates DVD and instead listen to her words of wisdom as she shouts them at me

number three
i will save enough money to get the tattoo i've been mumbling on about since i walked out of the tattoo studio the last time i was in there

number four
i will paint more

number five
i will write more

number six
take belly dancing classes

number seven
begin making fabulous cushions

number eight
drink more, because i'm young and full of youth and at worst will receive a few tuts. much better to do it now than to wait until i'm old to fall out of pubs and fill my shopping basket with spirits, then people will stop tutting and start eyebrow raising and there will be talks of 'secret alcoholic'.

number nine
live. because, quite simply, i am alive and should never forget that small fact.

well then, after writing these resolutions i suppose the ideal thing to do would be to start them. 
this one is the first of a quiet little book of drawings with even quieter words.

this is just the initial sketch of an idea, and hopefully similar idea's will stumble into my consciousness soon.

happy resolution making.

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