Saturday, 22 January 2011

juggling with strawberry ice cream

one minute you're having an interesting conversation with an old friend you haven't seen in ages and the next minute a rather interesting idea pops into your head...
my little theory revolves around the art of The Juggler.
i believe that all human beings may be placed, very carefully, into two categories; very simply, people who juggle and people who don't.
The Non-Juggler:
there are some of us out there, who like things to be grounded, who take comfort in knowing that gravity will not disperse, that they won't wake up one morning to find all their belongs floating above them. They may look fondly at the books on their bookshelf, pleased that if ever they should need to know how to cook a vegan green tea cupcake then that little pearl of knowledge would be right there, in vegan cupcakes take over the world nestled between it's cookery book brothers. they may have a favourite chair, they may like to sit in said chair and make a thorough list of what groceries they need before enjoying a walk along their favourite path into town. they might enjoy wonderful, inspiring trips to amazing places because they always take the time to plan their route. they may get huge satisfaction when things, simply work, when things run along smoothly, and as expected. they may look at you with a smile and ask why would they need to juggle? what if it went wrong? why risk it? there isn't really a need to juggle anyway, is there? their coloured balls are in a basket, kept clean and safe, incase they are ever needed.

The Juggler:
then there are some of us, also out there, that might always take a different route to the town, because they are confident that they will get there, one way or another. they are not necessarily gamblers, in fact, they probably aren't, they don't throw the balls into the air without knowing, for sure, that they can easily catch them. they might prepare a back-up plan, if one ball slips from their grasp they could bounce it back off their foot. they might always want to be moving forward, perseverance making them exceed previous attempts. they might not try on clothes before they buy them, instead they may simply decide that they like it, and then wear it. 
they throw the balls into the air because they know they can, they may watch others watch and gasp and they may wonder what all the fuss is about.

the crazy thing is, everybody is capable of juggling, there isn't some genetic condition that stops one and enables another. and thats where The Grey Area comes into it. because of course, nothing is black and white, so how could there be Jugglers and Non-Jugglers without Apprentice Jugglers.

The Apprentice Juggler:
some of us may have a favourite chair, but one day decide that another chair may be better, so they may buy it, and sit in that chair every morning from now on instead. it might work out, it might be that that chair is indeed far better than the one before, but then again it might not be, they may not be happy with the new chair, and want the old one back. 
The Apprentice Juggler keeps the juggling balls in their pocket at all times, sometimes they may throw them into the air catch them, and sometimes they might fall onto the floor, but they throw them up into the air anyway, always hoping for the best.

well, that was what was mumbling through my head this evening, it might not make sense, but at least now i can stop thinking about it and go and make a coffee.
so, how many Jugglers/Non-Jugglers/Apprentice Jugglers are out there?


Spence. said...

Oh what wonderfully whimsical musings you have ;)
...I'd like to think I'm a juggler (though I can't actually juggle to save my life! tehe)


annierama said...

your blog is really cool!
check out my giveaway ;)

Chelsea Lane said...

this is really neat :) aaand...I'm feeling the apprentice juggler ;)


Orla xx said...

Definitely think i'm a apprentice! xx