Tuesday, 10 May 2011

soooo, i'm still 22, which means its still perfectly ok to
  • spend vast amounts of the monnies on beauty products that promise to make me look like marilyn monroe (its simply investing in your future, like a savings account or something, im puting money in now and in the future it will have turned into smooth-line-free-skin and bouncy-castle-style-bouncy-hair.)
  • wear heels that are waaaaay too high and turn my foot into a criple because they make my legs look lushous. people can still fall over in flats y'know! (i actually secretly hope that when i do fall over instead of people pointing and laughing their attention will go straight to the shoes and they'll say 'oh my! those shoes are simple divine dahling.' and then they won't notice the sprawled mess on the floor that is me.)
  • still be gobbling chocolate and saying it's 'left over from easter'. who am i kidding? everybody knows i bought it yesterday.
  • drink coffee like every cup i drink is personally saving the plannet. 
  • change into my pyjamas the very second i run into my flat and don't take them off even if people visit. (well for one they're just too damn comfy and two; love me? love my pyjamas.) 
hmmmm...although the big 23 is fast approaching...maybe there are a few tiny things that i can leave with 22?
stay tuned.


rebecca said...

ohhh, i always wear shoes that wreck my feet! i don't know why we do it when there are pretty flat ones (ok, maybe it's because i'm verging on midget status, but still!) happy early birthday (:


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

arr I love this. Hang onto your youth :).

Helen, X