Friday, 29 July 2011

23 was easier than i thought

every year when time creeps up to my birthday, darting between the shadows and hiding under the bed, every year when it slowly reaches out and pokes my birthday calendar hard enough to make the numbers stumble over another year, i am pacing the floor, gnashing at my fingernails and awaiting the gigantic bomb that is going to explode, turning the world into a crashing, swirling glittery mess as it announces the arrival of another birthday cake. so i don't know why i am always to pleasantly surprised to open my eyes, peep through my fingers and find everything as i left it. i mean i honestly feel like nothing has changed since i was sweet sixteen, literally nothing
i still have no grey hairs (ok it is unlikely i know but imagine if you had one and didn't even know about it?! surely its best just to check?!)
i have stopped telling the 'easter chocolate' lie, however i have now begun the 'its preparation for xmas' lie.
i still don't like wine. there, i said it. (i'm sorry for any wine lovers out there but for me it's just too dry, makes my eye to a very weird involuntary twitchy thing and makes my tongue feel like its shrinking.)
i still secretly sing along to bon jovi at the top of my voice then change my status on facebook to a line from 'always' and regret it when i realise my secret is out.

annoyingly i don't have time right now to finish my list...but please feel free to contribute! 

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Lady of the Greenwood said...

Is it a cruel thing or a blessing to find that no matter how great your age is (and mine is great)you still feel the same as you did when you were sweet sixteen?