Wednesday, 14 September 2011

bye bye summer

so, after briefly jumping in and giving us a dance, Summer has decided that it's feet are aching already, it's voice is scratchy and it's still feeling hungover from last year. it doesn't matter that we all bought our tickets months ago and that we've been in the all standing section for ages, clutching our water bottles hoping and bitting our finger nails, waiting for it to make it's appearence. remember how happy we all were? filled with nervous excitment, and then that momment when eventually, somebody saw the curtain twitch, 'its here!' they yelled, and we all started applauding, cheering and throwing our underwear into the sky. looking back we really should of known, shouldn't we? i mean, it does this every year. yet still we remain faithful to the end, the one season we hold our breath for, the one season that will never be removed from our ipods, we'd have it on loop if we could. but still, it has gone, sulked off backstage for a foot rub and a shot of tequlia, we're not even invited to the afterparty.

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