Monday, 26 September 2011

it is time

so, the time has come for The Hair Cut. and i don't mean a simple 'trim', or 'tidy-up', i'm talking about the whole hog, the entire gooseberry, the one and only trek into oblivion. for the past few months i have felt that a change was on the way, i little feeling of unsettlement that wouldn't go away. it didn't matter what i did, how i tried hopelessly to style it, or how many grips i shoved into it, colours came and went, but ultimately they all faded, and i was left with the same mass or brown on my head and a slightly annoyed expression on my face. 
for the last 5 years i have avoided hairdressers, actually thats not entirely true, i haven't so much avoided them as i have just simply forgotten about them. the first 2 years was me avoiding, the next year was me too scared to go because i'd left it so long i knew they'd tut and roll their eyes and it makes me anxious when people do that, so my hair went uncut, apart from the times when i marched into my tiny bathroom, armed with scissors and more determination than i felt towards my future career and attacked my split ends. the last 2 years have been dedicated to growing it and not caring about all the hairdressers all over the world that shuddered every time i hairsprayed and tugged the matted mess into submission. 
so now this is what it has come to, this is where i stand, on the brink of 6 inches being chopped off.
so now the real question fringe or not to fringe?
stay tuned...

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Lady of the Greenwood said...

Only six inches, phew, that's not too bad then considering your hair is enviably long,long,long. I shall look out for the new Millie then.