Tuesday, 14 August 2012

missing your coffee

T makes very good coffee. this is a fact. not like those facts that aren't really facts...like 'i am so hungry i could eat that small house over there...' or 'if you don't get out of my way in the kitchen so i can make these god damn cookies i will use my amazing womanly power and make the earth spin extra fast so you fall off'. these are little fibber facts.
but the sentence 'T makes good coffee' is way up there with the world being round and all that jazz.
so anyway, like i was saying. T's coffee is good. so good that it is ever so slightly annoying.
i can see you're frowning. but let me explain.
before T and his damn good coffee entered my world i was blissfully happy to slurp down any old stuff. instant? you got it. tesco value instant? you betcha. the jar that dad won in the Christmas hamper that got shoved to the back of the cupboard for a very long time and that lost it's label so was unrecognisable as anything edible? why not?
i had nothing to fear, because i had nothing to lose. having always been a small fan of the instant stuff, due to being a very lazy person and the fact that mum does the shopping and she doesn't care about coffee, meant that i was never disappointed.
i would get up in the mornings, stir the gritty grains of coffee and sugar around in my cup of water and wake up to the taste of that cheap energy giving drink.
but then i met T. and then he made me coffee. in is cafetiere.
yes a sodding CAFETIERE!
well, you can imagine it. i was like that Rapunzel women when she eventually leaves the tower. i felt like screaming 'SO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I'VE BEEN STUCK IN THAT BLOODY TOWER UP IN THE FRICKIN' SKY WHEN I COULD HAVE BEEN DOWN HERE LIVING LIFE LIKE I'M MARRIED TO PRINCE WILLIAM?!'
but i didn't. because for a start he wouldn't have got the Rapunzel reference and he may have thought i was a crazy person.
and then he probably would have asked me to leave his house.
so instead i made a 'mmmm' noise and said 'ooh this is lovely' like a normal person.
so from then on I've been hooked. hooked to the point where i am now sat at home enjoying my day off with a cup of tea in my hand where previously only coffee would have been, because mum is still buying instant and it offends me to just look at it.
any other borderline crazy coffee lovers out there?

love and all that jazz x


Lucia said...

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Party Poison said...

Yeah, I don't have all that much to say on this one. I'm not very big on coffee :/

Jaymie said...

Hey millie
thanks for your lovely comment <3 and BEST idea ever about making charms for gatsbys collar, I've just ordered him one and definitely going to do that I will get him to model for sure ;)xx