Thursday, 30 August 2012

wonderful wednesdays pie from way up high

apple pie from way up high
3 x large cooking apples
enough sugar to taste
for the pastry
8oz plain flour
4oz vegan butter
2oz sugar
dash of salt
extra sugar for sprinkling
soya milk
1) oky doky lets get this show on the road!
sift the flour into your favourite mixing bowl and add the sugar and salt.
2) now get messy with the butter...
use your hands to rub the butter into the flour should look like tiny breadcrumbs
cool hands are best for this, if you're one hot gal you'll be left with sticky breadcrumbs...

3) now throw in a few tablespoons of water bit by bit until the breadcrumbs all bind together into a dough.
andddddd you're done! pop it in le fridge for about 20mins to chillax.
4) whilst the dough is being uber cool...
peel the apples and slice them quite thin.

5) pop them into a saucepan with a tad of water and some sugar.
you don't need hardly any water because the apples will cook in there own juice. add a bit of sugar to start with but then keep on testing it and add more as the apples cook. (but don't eat all of it because then your pie will be nothing but pastry)
when the apples are stewing wonderfully add some cinnamon.
6) when apples are cooked and soft and yummy yummy scrummy...
flour your table and grab your cool dough.
7) take half of your dough and roll it out quite thin, then lift it using your rolling pin (roll some of the flattened dough around the rolling pin to help you lift it without tearing it) and place it into your pie dish.
8) now fill up your pie with those tasty apples!
me and T tried to get some blackberries but because of our rubbish summer they're late this year so we only managed to find 12! grrr.
but we put them in anyway :)

9) now roll out your top piece and use whatever is left for decoration on top :) i also used a fork to seal the edges because the effect reminds me of Snow White when the little blue birds use their feet to create the markings :)
finally brush the pastry with soya milk, sprinkle with extra sugar, prick through with fork and pop in the oven!
10) bake at 200o until golden brown.....ENJOY! :)
love and all that jazz x



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Kaz said...

Ooh this looks so yummy! It looks incredibly cute with the little hearts on top too, aww :)
Kaz x