Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cooked The Boy A Veggie Roast Dinner!

So last night I thought i'd be all good wifey and cook T a proper cooked dinner, vegan style.
I roasted potatoes and parsnips with rosemary and garlic and cut the carrots into little heart shapes.
I sauteed onions and mushrooms in balsamic vinegar to make gravy.
I even made up my own 'nut roast'...although I didn't have any chopped nuts...so it wasn't really a nut roast, more a sort of lentil and bean loafy thing. Basically I threw a load of lentils, red kidney beans, chickpeas, baked beans, onion, garlic, flour and spices together and baked it. It came out quite tastey if I do say so myself, so I might pop the recipe up soooonly if anyone's interested? :)


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