Friday, 17 January 2014

These past few months...

Life seems to being spinning around quite quickly these days...
I was just looking through some photo's and already what happened a couple of months ago feels like a different world.

In Autumn there was wandering around multi-coloured trees, a cold day of much needed fresh air after a weekend of board games and drinking with good friends.
There was good coffee with T as the days grew colder still.
My little brother graduated University! We all went to the cathedral and then ate celebratory chips in an old, tiny cafe.
With T, taking a break from the Christmas shopping.
Baking the Christmas pudding.
Christmas parties.
My lovely mums birthday, on the winter solstice. I baked her a chocolate and roasted hazelnut cake with chocolate truffles.
A mini Christmas dinner with T.
Hot chocolate on wintry evenings, curled up on the sofa with T and the newspaper.
Gifts from T.
Christmas dinner with my family.
Billy and Bitsy's new crocheted jumpers to keep them warm until summer arrives.
New clothes from the sales!
Coffee on a sunny Saturday spent wandering around town with T, breathing in the new year.

My new year's resolutions are more simple this year - 

Enjoy everyday things more (like try to actually enjoy my morning run!)
Stop worrying about spending money so much and do more (is one more night out really going to break the bank?!)
Don't feel guilty about going here there and everywhere (I want to explore)
Finish writing my book (most important, if I don't do it this year, I doubt I ever will)
Stop eating crisps and stop drinking fizzy drinks (I don't even like them, I just eat them because they're there. Doh!)
Cut out palm oil from my diet (Being vegan is something that I stand, over everything else, recently I have learned more about palm oil and where it comes from. So now I say NO to palm oil.)
Keep smiling
Keep laughing
Keep loving


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