Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Roasted With Salt

When I haven't been outside for a while, because of the cold air and the need to write, I often find myself standing in front of the open cupboards, wondering what I can eat for lunch. I sternly tell myself and whatever the weather is doing tomorrow, I must go and buy food. Today is a good day, I'm off for a wander to the top of Gloucester Road in Bristol, full of life and colour, even on this grey, misty morning. Why am I leaving our warm, cosy nest and walking 40 minutes in the fog? Because there is a wonderful little shop that sells the brand of coconut milk and coconut oil that we like.
And if I don't get it then I won't be able to bake the wonderful cake that I'm planning on baking for T. And then T would be sad.
But anyway, yesterday I had not been food shopping and therefore was prowling round the kitchen, searching and thinking of something to brighten up a rather forlorn little salad.

And then I remembered my jar, hidden away behind the other jars of lentils and pasta and rice. A jar that contained a great mix of nuts and seeds, perfect for sprinkling on porridge, soups, stir fry's and yes, salads.

To spice them up I...

Coated them in coconut oil
Lay them out on a baking tray
Sprinkled them with rock salt
A tiny dash of cayenne pepper
Roasted them in the oven on 200c for a few minutes - you'll hear the seeds start to pop and the almonds will smell wonderful!

They made my salad damn crunchy and very tasty. 
So what about you? A fan of nuts? What's your favourite flavour combinations?

Happy Wednesday everyone! x

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