Thursday, 6 March 2014

What To Do With Almond Pulp Dahling?

So, you've made your almond milk and it tastes damn fine. You're sat there feeling pretty pleased with yourself, when suddenly your eyes drift towards the little pile of almond mush left on the side. Well, you didn't want to just throw it away did you? Seemed like too much of a waste.
Surely SOMETHING can be made from the pulpy mess?
So aha! You have an idea of making it into almond butter....only all the oils are gone and it won't turn into the melt-y buttery stuff.
Hmm, you sit back down and think harder.

That is exactly what I was doing; sat at the kitchen table, staring at the sad little ball of almond pulp, determined not to waste it. I looked online and saw that it could be dried out and used as almond flour.
Well, I thought as I'm drying it out anyway, surely I can add some extra flavour and then mould it somehow?

So that's what I did. I stirred in....

Some salt, a good large pinch of it
Some pepper, a good old grind
Some flax seeds
A large sprinkling of rosemary
A tbsp of coconut flour

Then I just pressed it down onto the baking tray, quite thin, and left it to sit overnight. Then in the morning I popped it in the oven on a very low heat, about 100c for a few hours, until it had dried out completely and browned slightly.

I munched on mine with some homemade salsa. They're very dry crackers, so you'll need some kind of dip, hummus would work well or a simple drizzling of olive oil and vinegar.

I hope this helps with any left-over-pulp-problems you may be having! You can add any spices or herbs to the pulp you like, and if crackers don't float your boat, why not keep the mixture loose as you dry it out and then crumble it onto breakfast cereal? 

Happy baking! x

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Kim said...

This looks a bit like Ryvita. Good idea Mil! Gotta love a bit of tasty salsa too :)

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