Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Day at Bristol Vegfest

A few weekends a go, I went along with my mothership, father, brother and T, to Vegfest. In Bristol it's situated near the harbour side so only a tiny little walk from our flat. Not that the distance really matters, I would have walked a thousand miles if at the end I could gorge on the very best vegan food I'll probably eat all year.
I mean just look at those cakes!!! All vegan and so damn tasty. When we came across this stall the mothership said she'd buy one each for T and I. Well, you can imagine the scene; me, drooling for about 10 minutes before I could make up my mind which one I wanted, even now I still don't know if I made the right choice. They were all TOO GOOD. 

That's the thing about being vegan, I've found that it's been so long now (8years) since I've had the choice of a full menu, that when I DO get the chance to choose anything that takes my fancy I find I simply can't. There's too much choice, too much pressure to make the right decision. I ended up asking T to choose for me! (He didn't, instead he told me about all the times I moan because there isn't enough choice for vegans...he did have a point.)
Living in England can sometimes be hard to find good vegan food. That's probably why I love cooking and baking so much, I figure why go out and have to eat that same god damn baked potato that I have to eat in every cafe because it's the only thing that doesn't come with animal products smeared all over it, when I get get my apron on and whip up a feast at home?
But I do love finding new little cafes that serve vegan food, like I said, a huge menu isn't necessarily a good thing for me, so I am more than happy with just a few vegan options. A crunchy mango and bean salad here, a vegan burger with sweet potato fries there. As long as they have good coffee and possibly a vegan brownie I'm a very happy bunny. 

So you can image how excited I get when Vegfest comes to town. 

So many beautiful stalls selling fancy chocolates and amazing sweets. I gorged on so much sugar I was running around like a mad woman all day.
My family and T loved the wide selection of food, my brother in particular can eat a whole load of food but he took it to a whole new level that day...
That's us in the pub after, nothing like a good dose of alcohol to balance out the food!

Unfortunately we didn't stay as long as we wanted, the rain was getting heavier by the second, so with full bellies we wandered into town, pub bound.

I was sooo tempted by these vegan marshmallows. I never usually eat what I call 'processed vegan food'. I tend to cook my food from scratch, just because vegan substitutes are expensive and lets be honest, if I had vegan marshmallows in the cupboard on a regular basis I would eat them on a regular basis...and even me, queen of sugar, knows that ain't guna do me no good.

So I left the pretty little things on the shelf and T and I settled on these cakes...

Yep, that is indeed me attempting to eat the largest vegan cake I have ever seen...

I somehow also managed to resist these delightful cookies, well, I know damn well how I managed to resist them...t'was because I had just eaten a bowl of vegan paella...and it was amazing.
This was Mrs Cupcake stall, they're cakes and cookies are out of this world.

The mothership treated herself to a bottle of lemon wine. We had a taster...or a few....and although the wine was a little dry for my liking the elder flower champagne was right up my street.

I'm already looking forward to Vegfest next year! If you've never been I highly recommend going, it's never expensive and the food is always to die for, vegan or not you'll love it!

I thought I'd put a little list of places that cater for vegans in Bristol, UK. In case any of you find yourselves here and hungry. These are the places that I like to grab lunch, they're cute, affordable and friendly.

Cafe Kino is completely vegan!

St.Nicks is great for food, have a wander around and chose from falafels and hummus, olives, cakes, Indian food and so much more!

Boston Tea Party have some great vegan options, including salads, burgers and cake!

Birdcage is fantastic, cafe by day, bar by night and also a clothes shop! It's tiny and cute with a huge selection of teas, there's always a vegan cake option and vegan breakfast.

Hope you're all having a lovely week! X


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