Friday, 6 June 2014

A Simple Little Big Lunch...

Grab a fork and spoon and
Get stuck in!

So it got to lunchtime and I was hungry...quite hungry.
Since I'd missed breakfast I wanted something kind of breakfast-y but also mean enough to be called lunch.
I had left over spicy carrot soup with would have been fabulous on it's lonesome usually, (yes, I like to eat soup for breakfast) however in my rushed cooking of it last night I added waaaay to much chili.
Like, a lot. As in it burnt my mouth but I wanted to keep eating it because it did taste good. In a hurty type of way.
So I needed something to put with the soup, something to chew on when I wanted to cry from chili overload.
But bread would make the meal too much like dinner, or a starter at a fancy restaurant....
So out came the chickpea flour, some olives, good handful of spinach, salt and a shed load of pepper and thyme. 
Savoury pancakes are the best thing ever...well, apart from sweet pancakes that is.

If you guys want the recipe for this Spicy Carrot&Coriander Soup with Olive&Spinach Savoury Pancakes then leave a comment below!

Happy Friday Eating! x

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