Thursday, 29 March 2012


ok, so i know this is late...and i also know i haven't been blogging much lately. bad millie.
it's just work. 
work. work. work.
i always said i would never say that. in my youth (yes i am only 23 and i am using that phrase. thats how bad things are.) i would roll my eyes when people said that they couldn't do the things they loved because they were so busy doing work they very much didn't love. i would simply shrug my shoulders and say very unhelpful things like 'so get another job' or 'just quit! life's too short!'.
a few weeks a go i wanted to slap my younger, blonder self in the face and shout 'stupid girl!'. but now, maybe i should start taking a leaf out of her book. 
and for goodness sake i really need to STOP MOANING. i have become The Moaning Queen. 
and on that note...
the day for mothers came and went as did the traditional 'family meal' and a rather spontaneous jaunt through the daffodils.

the mother and the brother
the mother and the uncle
the uncle and the nan
the nan and the mother
and me and the brother

and yes, there was lots of getting up and playing musical chairs in order to get all these photos (and all the hundreds and thousands the uncle insisted on taking and that the brother insisted on escaping out of) before the food and drinks arrived.

my yummy starter of mellon (which was actually ridiculously filling and i had to wimp out and get the brother to eat half)
vegan curry and chips. happy millie
good coffee. mucho happy millie

then we all decided to go catch some pixies in the daffodils.

love and all that jazz x

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Party Poison said...

Haha! Very nice! We call chips fries over here in the states, and just to show how fat of a nation we are I guarantee you anyone from the states will look at your plate and say that there isn't nearly enough fries.

Cute pic btw. I'm sure your mom had a great day.