Friday, 30 March 2012

some other universe

somewhere, very far away, in some other universe i am leaving. i have a small battered old suitcase with clasps and it doesn't hold much. but thats ok, because there isn't much that i need. i didn't plan this, well, not in the sense that i marked it all out, step by step and counted down the days. but in a way, i suppose it was always planned, singing away in the back of my heart, underneath the dust in my mind and on the other side of my soul. 
i walk into my bedroom and pull out my favourite dress, a worn pair of shorts and a few sleeveless tops. i make my way into the living room and grab my cardigan with the button missing from where i'd thrown it on the sofa. there's still a little room left in my case so i drop in my red nail polish, vanilla perfume and a half used packet of chewing gum.
as i slip my bare feet into a pair of beaten up sandals i push some notes into my shorts pocket, along with my bank card and drivers license.
i sling my yellow bag over my shoulder and as an afterthought pick up my daisy grip and clip it into my hair. 
when i walk out of the door i pause to push big red sunglasses over my face and breathe in one last breath of here.
i shove my suitcase and bag into the front seat and then climb in and start the engine. winding down the window i can already feel the sun burning softly against my skin, the perfect pain. 
i know i have a ticket, to some place.
in some other universe it is all so very different. 


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Party Poison said...

Did you just create your own little world? ;D