Sunday, 6 May 2012

just to let you guys know - my life is quite different to how it used to be right now, but you don't need to be bored with every detail, the only detail that i thought i should say is that i am without a way of blogging frequently at the moment, hopefully when things sort themselves out a bit better i can once again bore you with the trivial goings on in my life.
but here's something i wrote yesterday, after a long spell of the dreaded writers block.

we'll always have paris

as i stand in the debris
of a life that was once ours,
our old faces still smile,
beaming at me through the broken shards.
i cry, loud, angry tears.
i choke in the silence,
the deafening nothingness that pinches every inch of my skin.
i stare at him
and wonder if i look as different as he does.
we take black bags and cardboard boxes
and pour old lives into them.
all those moments that once glittered
bright enough to blind
now lie crumpled and creased,
not just packed away
but broken and discarded.
we fill box after box
and then we drive to a place that is just far enough away
and we leave them behind us.
we sweep the lingering dust down the stairs
and watch it get tugged away
back into the outside world.
we stand and breathe.
my lungs are tight
and the cold stings and rattles inside me,
but it helps to fill the emptiness.
now it's all over.
we smashed the world we took years piecing together
and we've cleared away the mess.
there's nothing left to do but turn and walk away.
i don't know where i'm walking to yet,
and it's cold without somebody walking by my side.
but people tell me summer is on it's way.

love and all that jazz x