Thursday, 21 June 2012

little happiness

i wrote about this a few years ago, but thought it was a good kinda time to share it again :)

i thought i'd share my little step by step guide for instant happiness. there is no equipment needed, doesn't cost anything, and it really does work. how much happiness you get really depends on how much of yourself you let go. if you only give a whisper, then it will feel like a teaspoon of sugar; sweet but short lived, but if you give a scream then it will last you all day. But if it does wear off after a while, don't worry, you can always spin again!

ok, first of all think of your favourite place in the entire world. then, if it is possible, go there right now. if it's not possible, then go someplace you feel welcome and warm, someplace calming. for me, it's the woods, but it doesn't have to be anywhere far away or complicated, it could be as simple as stepping into your garden, or near a favourite bench.

once there, stand very still, arms by your sides and close your eyes. think of all the things that are bothering you, let the images and words flicker through your head like a movie. and the more you think about them let them become smaller, grainier, like its an old black and white movie. then stop. stop thinking about anything, if you can, clear you head and open your eyes.

then raise your arms up and out from your body. start to spin round and round, slowly at first, imagine all those images blurring with the world around you, they blur so much you can't even see them anymore.

now close your eyes and spin faster and faster, it sounds strange but you won't be able to hang on to those images, all your energy will go into trying harder and harder to keep standing, but you must keep spinning and spinning faster and faster and faster-just like you did when you were a kid-you wasn't afraid then was you? keep spinning, that's all that matters.

you'll start to laugh, little giggles at first but then you won't be able to control it and you won't be able to control yourself much longer. at some point you'll fall.

don't worry. you are supposed to fall over! it's the whole point, you'll fall and you'll realise that it didn't hurt as much as you thought and you'll lie there laughing and not caring about getting up.

and you know what? when the world is upside down, it's not so scary.

it's great to do by yourself but also with other people, the frantic happy energy rubs off on everybody.

love and all that jazz x


Party Poison said...

:) I will have to try this tomorrow. But I did imagine myself spinning around at Disneyland, and horribly cheesy as that sounds.

Cecilie Torp said...

wow, it really worked :)