Friday, 29 June 2012

she danced and sang and twirled about

these past few days have been so beautiful and warm, the way an english summer should be. (hint hint rain)
so whilst out in my parents garden, between spinning around in the sun and lazing on the grass, i managed to click a few photos to cheer me up when the rain comes back.
i also got just a little bit inspired and then just a little bit excited and so started making these plaited, beaded rings.
perfect for the festival i can't wait to get to! :)

mums roses, our chickens and our carousel donkey

vegetable garden

fancy treating your inner hippy? rings are availible to buy here

love and all that summery jazz x

1 comment:

Party Poison said...

Very cute. I'm super jealous that the weather over there has been that good. I wish it would rain out here though. I'm tired of the 100+ degree days.