Monday, 17 October 2011

a happy little birthday wish to my love

so i spent a lovely evening last night baking until the early hours of this morning. don't know how i lasted to be honest, was out saturday night and only had 4 hours sleep, then popped to work on sunday where i almost fell asleep on the popcorn counter (i work at coleford cinema if you're wondering!) only to then get back and begin a marathon baking extravaganza! :) 
i even compiled a 'baking playlist' :) hahaha oh what fun!

giant cookies :)

then its time for the cake...

and chocolate cake always tastes better with a dash of...

vanilla extract and rose water, they go beautifully together and make for yummy cake :)

the boyf doesn't like 'fussy cakes' (i usually go for glitter and flowers and 5 tiers, the whole shebang) so instead i kept it simples with just a moist chocolate sponge, a creamy icing in the middle and melted milk and white chocolate over the top. then i made a cookie man and cookie guitar, (the boyf plays guitar!) and again covered then in decorative chocolate, and ta-dah! :)

now to add some birthday candles... 


and with some left over mixture these little cuties were born...

and as always, all the yummy stuff is vegan :) 
hope everybody had a fabulous weekend? i had attempted a healthy eating thing...but there is no point in trying to deny the fact that i will be on that cake soon hahaha! health can wait!

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