Saturday, 22 October 2011

happy saturday! 

i spent today being very productive (which is very very very unusual for moi) 
after taking the boyf to work for 8am (small eek!) in ross on wye, i got to my parents house with all the determination under our fiery sun to march straight into my workshop and begin writing. that, however, was an unlikely occurrence. instead, me and the mothership stomped (back) into ross to choose which delightful shade or orange the mother should paint the bathroom. (spiced pumpkin)
when lunchtime rolled it's lazy self around i was finally sneaking out of the 'which wall shall we paint cream and should we redecorate the living room whilst we're at it?' discussions and skipping up the garden path to my beloved little shed. 
remember that cute little christmas fabric mouse? well....she has been a saucy little minx and has had even littler cute fabric christmas mice! 

they're christmas tree decorations! they hang from the tree by their tail :)

i just need to think of names for them...any suggestions are most welcome :) 

so then i get a bit peckish...

roasted chestnuts! 

the parents have this amazing old stove that does the most delicious roasted chestnuts :)

well, that was my happy saturday, how was yours? 


Kim Parslow said...

Ahh roasted chestnuts, I feel like we're back in new york, staring out at the statue of liberty with that cheeky little squirrel! Ohhh I wish we were back there. x

Louisejoyb said...

Those little mice decorations are so cute! Might have to have a go at making some :)

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs