Friday, 14 October 2011

time well wasted

today has been all kinds of wonderful in that special way that only comes when you have't planned to have a wonderful day, but it happens anyway. (like finding money stashed in a winter coat pocket or discovering another square of chocolate in the wrapper when you thought you'd eaten it all)
at 8am this morning me and my mothership were wandering around the forest (part of our get fit scheme) never realised how invigorating fast walking can be early in the morning, the smell of damp earth and leaves was intoxicating and the cows and sheep were still drowsy from waking so just merely watched us as we marched on past.
i then spent lunchtime doing some sketches of animals for my pet portrait work.
take a looksee
Marmie and Tina


(if anybody wants a pet portrait done for a christmas pressie just contact me on here and i'll be happy to oblige!) :)

the rest of the day was spent repeatedly jumping up and down on the trampoline my brother has recently required. i must say that it is so so sooooo much fun! i just couldn't stop laughing! with every bounce i'd shriek and then crash back onto it only to be propelled back into the air again followed my more shrieking.
i am now one tired bunny.
off out to the cinema with the boyf now, johnny english here we come! woop woop! 
it's the beginning of the weekend people! lets all party like we wana bring the stars down.

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little lyzi said...

Hey sorry to reply to your comment like this, but I couldn't find an email address? I have had homeopathy in the past to treat migraines, and it worked amazingly well, but for some reason I never thought to look into it helping my anxiety. I think if my CBT sessions don't help enough, I'll look to homeopathy :) thanks xxx