Monday, 10 October 2011

i've got that christmas feeling...

'what?! this girl is mad! crazy i tell you! does she not know that it is only october?!' i hear you say.
well, yes i do indeed know that small little fact and am quite aware of just how strange it may seem that i have wished you all a merry little christmas. have no fear, i haven't lost the game of where's wally yet. i can explain.
today has been a little dahling of a day because i have spent it in my workshop cards! :)
i've only got a few that i'm pretty much happy with at the moment but i'll let you take a sneaky peek just because you're all too lovely.

they're so much fun to draw :) so then i thought, well if they're cute on paper...cute can only get cuter in fabric right?!

he took quite q while to make, i think if i make any more for christmas craft stalls i'm guna have to simplify them a bit. 

anybody got any good name suggestions for him?!

i was slightly cream crackered after today's work so me and the family ate our way through the apple and blackberry pie mum baked :)

sooooo yummy! :)

hope you guys had a good monday! (but even if it wasn't that great it's all good because theres an entire week before the next one!)

love and all that jazz x

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