Friday, 28 October 2011

hey there sweet stuff

ok, the oven is set to 180, to my right there are pink bowls filled with thick, gooey icing in colours of black and orange, dainty blue and green plates hold mini mountains of rainbow sprinkles, hundreds and thousands and tiny swirls of grated vanilla white and the darkest velvety kind of chocolate. on my left sits a glass bowl filled with smooth melted chocolate, just waiting to be smothered over juicy apples.
it really is a sight to behold. me and kim waste no time and dive straight into the sugary mess. 
here are our creations...

kim working her magic

yes that is edible glitter :)

i swear that baking soothes the soul, maybe if i bake often i'll live longer? hahaha a chocolate covered apple a day keeps the grim reaper away :) 


Lady of the Greenwood said...

Wow, they're wonderful. Hope they're for a lovely party.

Jess said...

Aww I love these! Hardly anyone in my flat was in a halloween mood, so I didnt have the halloween I wanted but this pleases me very much :') so pretty! xxx