Saturday, 8 October 2011

welcome to my world...

hello...welcome to the mad house

so this is me in my natural habitat. my workshop is the place i feel most safe, hidden away from reality, and i can dream up stories and ink down images as they pop into my mind. i'm usually sat in that black swivel chair, chewing on my pen and staring out into the garden.
the location is amazing, my workshop is in my parents garden, which means a beautiful view of fields, vegetable patches, chickens and the rabbit. (and it's only a short hop skip and jump away from the house when i need another cup of strawberry tea). 

'the owls that sleep under red skies' 
'pink car'
'seaside rock'
all these were done with pen and ink onto board.

had some fun today doodling these, i was feeling a little bit, not stuck but something close to that. so i took a break from what i like to think is me actually trying to make some money and just got fancy with the inks :)
hope you guys like!
last night i think i started the slippery decent into madness...a tiny thought entered my head, and that thought said 'hey millie, wouldn't it be swell if you knew how to make paper cranes?' so on the internet i popped, and got instructions to make them. i'll just do one i thought, thinking i would probably give up halfway through. but that is not what happened. oh deary me. it was like an addiction, i just couldn't stop! and i'm still not cured. all last night i made paper birds and then today i made some more! what is wrong with meeeee? 
on the bright side of life, they are mighty cute :) 

hope y'all having a good weekend! 

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