Saturday, 21 January 2012

fabulous fridays presents...

Hay On Wye
(a day late, sorry!)

friday really was rather fabulous, i spent a lovely day in sweet little Hay On Wye with my mother and the boyf. such a beauty of a town, if you've never been to Hay, i recommend it highly, it's tiny but is overflowing with secondhand bookshops. the bookshops themselves are amazing, the buildings are like rabbit warrens, i think you'd be able to find Narnia if you wandered far enough. the books spill over every surface and are piled high in every corner. so many stories collected over time and hidden away, only to be discovered and read all curled up on one of the wobbly wooden chairs placed by tiny windows overlooking winding streets.

view driving into Hay
this little shop is called 'murder and mayhem' and only sells books on this topic
my mother :)
oooooh i was just so excited as i peered into the shops
all this reading sure does make you hungry...what better to soothe that hunger than homemade tai sweet potato soup, crusty bread and blackcurrant and vanilla tea
...and then back to the books! come have a look...
yep, that's me with my nose in a Bob Dylan autobiography
we walked past this secondhand shop and i just had to take a picture of this strange beast...a stuffed cat with angel wings. i felt that it was both weirdly beautiful and disgusting all at the same time.

so then we found a gorgeous jigsaw puzzle and teddybear shop...

then once again...we were hungry. theres a lovely little cafe that does vegan food so i was a happy little bunny :) the cafe is beautiful, full of mismatched chairs and a log fire.

just had to share this amazing raw vegan chocolate with you, i'm not usually a fan of raw chocolate, but this stuff was rather lovely :)

on the way back there was just enough time to pop into the sweet shop, i just can't resist the smell of sugary goodness, especially when there's a sun setting all pink in the sky.
rhubarb and custard :)
me looking mighty happy after a wonderful day!
the sunset as we were driving home.

hope you all had a fabulous friday! x


sweet monday said...

Oh I really want to go to Hay on Wye now! Can't believe I've never been.

You look beautiful in all these photos :) x

sweet monday

daisy chain said...

Aww that sounds lovely and such a pretty place! xx