Friday, 13 January 2012

strawberries and squiggles presents fabulous fridays

the birds with big feet

so a princess awoke one friday morning and looked out upon the kingdom and sighed. from her castle window she could see far and wide, but as she gazed over the town, it's streets paved with gold, she realised she was unhappy. 
she fled from her room and pleaded with her father to make her happy.
'my dear, you have everything you could possibly want; you walk on golden floors, you drink spring water that promises ever lasting life, you wear dresses spun from the most beautiful spiders silk, your castle is made from ruby's and emeralds, jugglers follow you should you need entertaining, our golden streets are filled with the sweetest music and you have the sweetest fruits to feast upon. i will give you anything you desire, but my dear, what else is there to want?'
'my dear father, i wish for one thing and one thing alone. i wish to hear the wild birds song. i do not wish for cages, take them away. i do not wish for gold or emerald or ruby. take them away. i only wish to be free, to have the simplest of pleasures. the birds song.'
that very same day the princess moved into a small stone cottage, a days ride by horse and carriage from the castle. she no longer walked on gold, but instead on earth, and she found the warmth comforting. 
days swept by, and her fathers anger did not relent. 
then, one day, her father came to visit. when he saw that his daughter was finally happy, that she no longer frowned but smiled instead, he forgave her.
'i promised you i would give you anything you wished for. what do you wish my dear?'
'i wish to hear the wild birds song.'
her father left, and the next morning the princess awoke to the sweetest of sounds. upon opening her window she looked out and saw her fathers gift.
the birds sang a song she called freedom.



Frilly Socks And Docs said...

These are adorable ! xx

cecilie andrea torp said...

How cute!! LOVE THESE !!

cecilie andrea torp said...

yes, i guess it's ok to not measure up all the time :) I am waiting for a new post btw!! Kisses :*

Hollie said...

These are so cute! Great post:)

Party Poison said...

How do you make these things? They are very cool :)