Sunday, 29 January 2012

i want to kiss whoever invented tea

yes, i know i didn't post on fabulous friday. but, to be honest, my friday wasn't that fabulous.
work was beyond sucky, i had to be a waitress and by the end of the day i wanted to throw every tray of food i carried into the laps of the unsuspecting customers.
but lets not dwell.
today has been marvellous, so i've been celebrating with lots of tea.
i hope all you lovely people are having a fantastically lovely day?
go on, have a cuppa on me :)



See Me Everywhere said...

Tea? Oh yes please! I'm in love with the Greentea & Raspberry at the moment :)

Anita said...

Lovely blog.

Fay Oberdorf said...

More tea, that would be lovely.
I prefer liquorice :]

You've such a lovely blog with great sketches!

Sweet kisses,