Sunday, 1 January 2012


number one
visit two new places, someplace i decide and someplace not of my own choosing.

number two
finish the book i have already started and look at publishers.  

number three
begin another book.

number four
begin saving money.

number five
read more.

number six
start blogging on a set day each week...shall we say 'wonderful wednesdays'?


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Party Poison said...

Watch "Zombieland" if you haven't already. Shaun Of The Dead is good, but Zombieland is pretty much the instruction booklet to the zombie apocalypse. I have a weird fascination with zombies if you haven't already noticed. I will be adding a tag to my blog soon titled 'zombies' just so you can see how many zombie-related posts I have.

But I have my thing all planned out. Get an El Camnio, let my dog ride shotgun, head to Bass Pro Shop (a fishing and hunting store here in the states, kind of a redneck playground), stock up on shotguns and shells, and go to town on those zombie bastards. Oh, and raid the nearest supermarket for twinkies and sushi. The sushi is for now...the twinkies for later.

Thanks for following btw. You will probably be in for more of my complete and utter randomness. I like your blog :)

-PP (aka Ant)