Friday, 7 February 2014

Coffee For Two In Sunny Bristol

Today was so lovely and sunny, a perfect wintry day with the bright sunlight meaning no need for gloves and hats.
T and I thought we'd take a stroll and go in search of a good cup of coffee.

Oh what d'you think of my hair colour? Thought I'd go for a darker, plum kinda red...

We walked through castle park on our way to town, it's so strange how the seasons change an environment so much. Here the tree's are bare, still in their deep slumber and the ground is damp and muddy. But I can still remember last summer, being here with friends as we lay on the hot ground, the air smelt of summer and their was music everywhere.

Coffee for two.

We chose a tiny little Italian coffee shop on Park Street, the seats are quite squished in and we ended up siting at the table under the stairs!

They do damn good coffee though.
I hope everyone's Friday has been a happy and sunny one! x

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