Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Our Little Nest...

Hello there! Thought I'd show you a few little snapshots of the little nest me and T have built.

My favourite wall. I painted it mint green and T pinned a map so we can plan adventures. Inside the 1950's cupboard is where I keep all my jars filled with spices and sugars.

Our little sofa, just big enough for two. The blanket I crocheted keeps us warm when T smokes with the window open.

We used the little bookshelf for films we love, and we didn't have a house phone so I sewed us one.

Our pin board, filled with memories and things we mustn't forget.

A drawing of my old car, cinema tickets, gift idea's, doodles and a photo of us in Brighton.

An old beer mat, homemade Christmas decoration, Westonbirt Arboretum ticket, a card I made for T and a number I need to ring to fix my sewing machine.

My mum's old Singer Sewing Machine was broken, so I used the frame to make a table. We love our little squirrel nut cracker!

The smallest room, the 'Den'. We painted it mustard yellow and strung fairy lights everywhere. 

And finally my crocheting, granny squares to become another blanket :)

I hope you enjoyed the tour! What's your favourite room in your home? x


Anonymous said...

I love the mint wall, such a nice shade of green. The map does wonders too. You've both got such a lovely little place to be proud of!

I buy way too many notebooks too but I always find room for more :D thanks for your comment!

Party Poison said...

Damn, you are so creative. This stuff looks straight out of a movie. It's such a cool place. I'm actually really jealous. My room looks like a teenager inhabits it with all the band posters and random stuff on the walls.