Monday, 17 February 2014

The Valentines Day

I'm not going to lie, I LOVE Valentines day. It's a day for treats and spoiling the people you love as well as yourself. And since red is one of my favourite colours I get to skip around in a world painted pinky red and surround myself with all the things that make me happy.
I would normally bake bake bake the day before, preparing a feast for me and T to gorge on. However as this year I'm on my very limiting cleanse, I did have to tone it down slightly *sigh*.
But we decided to kick it old school with a movie at the cinema and then spent the weekend cuddled up reading papers and eating soup :)

All the gorgeous flowers T bought me :) We ran out of vases and bottles so Oscar the teapot had his time to shine!

I baked T heart shaped spiced bean and spinach tarts, I'll be putting the recipe up soon because they're just so simple! I couldn't eat the pastry but I made extra filling for me.

I also baked T some gooey, messy heart, marz bar cookies! He loved them! They looked so neat and pretty but then in the oven they spread because of the caramel in the marz bar, doh! But T said they tasted better messy :)

Because I'm not eating sugar at the moment I knew I wouldn't be able to have any of the cookies *sigh* but I needed a foolproof way that would guarantee I wouldn't sneak a bite....hence the marz bar! 

I made T a card (first picture) and a doodle board full of little drawings.

Every time we go out and we have a coffee or any drink, I always take a photo. I started it right when we first got together. Sounds crazy I know, but now I have a photo album of all these memories that would have been forgotten. I love being able to look back and say 'oh hey remember that was when we were flat hunting and we popped into that tiny coffee shop'.

I made a huge dish of roasted veggies and homemade avocado and kale pesto.
I also made myself a little something to take to the cinema with me. I'm one of those gals that can.not. Sit in the cinema without something to nibble on. Normally it's a large popcorn, sweet AND salty (since popcorn is my favourite food EVER) but of course my cleanse wouldn't allow it.
So I made these...

They're really simple and easy to make! I'll pop the recipe up soonly. 
I call them Almond and Coconut Bites, because all they have in them is almond butter, ground cashews, coconut milk and dried coconut.

I wore my pretty little cropped red top with high waisted skinnies and a slouchy cardigan.

Me and T :)

I hope you all had a love filled Valentines! x

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