Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Leftover Love

Don't you just love it when you cook way too much food in the evening and then get to eat it again for lunch the next day? Well, I do! Of course it has to be the right kind of food...I'm not talking about scoffing cold pizza or poking at a soggy potato... 
But I do find that vegetables, especially when roasted or stir fried, make for wonderful salads the next day. 

This one here was rather tasty.
The previous night I had roasted a load of veg that needed using in my fridge. Literally a big mix of anything and everything; lots of carrots and parsnips (because I always get fooled into buying that HUGE bag in the supermarket because it's only 30P more than the smaller one...) a bit of broccoli, cauliflower, some sweet potato and garlic, and probably more. All roasted up in coconut oil. I then made a quick tomato sauce from tomatoes, a ton of onion, balsamic vinegar, the roasted garlic and spices. I cooked a small amount of quinoa and then once the veg was cooked added the quinoa to the veg and smoothed the whole lot in the tomato sauce. 
Anyway, I was MEANT to be telling you about the salad!
So, we couldn't eat it all, despite me giving T two platefuls.
So the next day I simply heated the tomato-y veg through and bulked it up with some raw kale, spinach and toasted seeds.

You can rub a little coconut oil into the kale and spinach if you like, just to soften it up a bit.

Hope everyone's having a wonderful wednesday! x

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