Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Day 5

So it's Wednesday, day 5 on what I'm calling The Happy Tummy Diet. (Completely vegan, no wheat, no grains, no high carb and starchy vegetables, no alcohol, nothing ready made or processed.) Thought post a recipe for a simple salad, it's one I've been eating for lunch or even as a snack if I get hungry between meals.

Big bunch of kale
Big bunch of spinach
Handful of roasted/boiled broccoli
Half grilled red pepper
Half grilled courgette
Handful roasted/boiled green beans
Half raw/grilled red onion
Handful mix seeds (pumpkin/sunflower/flax) toasted if you like
Coconut oil
Lemon Juice
1 Clove raw garlic
Chopped chilies/cayenne pepper
Large Pinch of Salt

Simply cook the veg as you want it, roasting the broccoli leaves it with a bit more crunch.
Whilst veg is grilling/roasting/boiling place the spinach and kale into a bowl and rub a tbsp coconut oil into the leaves the soften them.
Then squeeze on lemon juice, add the finely chopped garlic and small amount of chilies or cayenne pepper.
Mix it in with your hands.
Then add the veg, seeds, onion and salt.
Mix well so everything is coated in the oil and salt.

The chili is hot, the peppers are sweet and the seeds are crunchy, making it quite a nice satisfying salad.

I ate this quite a lot over the weekend when it was sunny, however now the rain and cold are all around I have started making a lot more soups. So be prepared for lots of tummy warming soup recipes!
I'm feeling quite rough at the moment, as my body is trying to fight off the nasty things it has left me feeling very weak. It's a bit like flu, so I'm not that perky, boo. 
But Valentines is very soon which means yay! Although we won't be able to celebrate in the traditional way with lots of yummy food like chocolate and the feast I was planning on cooking (makes me sad) but we'll still have a lovely evening and weekend, there are never enough coffee shops :)

Happy eating! x

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