Thursday, 27 February 2014

Don't Bin It! Roast It!

Let me guess, after you've used up all the florets on your cauliflower and broccoli you pop the stumpy stalk bits in the bin or maybe in your compost or give it to the dog... yes, Billy and Bitsy like eating vegetables.
I always used to throw the cauliflower stump away, until one day as I munched on the raw cauliflower I suddenly had a thought. 

Me and mum have always eaten the stump of the broccoli raw. I remember being little and standing on tip toes to watch her peel and chopping the vegetables for dinner. At the end, before she went out to the compost, she would roughly peel the broccoli stump so that she was left with the soft, sweet part and then cut it in half, giving half to me and crunching her half with a smile.

I loved the taste, it was peppery and sweet and it felt good on my teeth when I bit into it.
So the other day I had that thought in my head and I realised there probably wasn't anything wrong with the cauliflower stump either. So I waited until I had just the stumps left - I laughed when T opened the fridge and saw just two bare stumps and asked why I was keeping 'the rubbish parts' of the cauliflower and broccoli.
Well, I can tell you this; I will almost go as far as saying that the stumps MAY be even better than the florets.

All I did was trim off any really tough parts, but I left most of the skin on. I also threw in a few sprouts that needed using up.
Then chop it into big hearty chunks, smoother them in coconut oil and sprinkle with sea salt.
I baked them in the oven at 200c for about 15 minutes, until the edges were starting to brown and go crispy.

You can see how the coconut oil has seeped into the veggies and, making them really sweet and tender.
So so SO moreish! I wanted to eat more! In fact, I was annoyed that now I have to wait until I've technically 'used up' another cauliflower and broccoli before I can roast the stumps again!

If you wanted you could roast some garlic with these too, and add some spices or lemon if you fancied. I personally like to keep this dish really simple, that way you can really taste the veggies, and believe me, they taste gooood. 

Happy eating! x

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