Wednesday, 8 February 2012

wonderful wednesdays presents... roasted veg couscous

happy wonderful wednesday to all you pretty people! :) 
got something nice and healthy here after last weeks major chocolate overload...

roasted veg couscous with sweet potato and green salad

couscous-it's like pasta or rice, as in it always ends up being sooooo much more than you thought it would be! so use about the same amount of couscous as you would a portion of rice.
1 medium red onion
1 red/green pepper
about 6 cherry tomatoes (or more if you're in a tomatoey kinda mood)
few cloves of garlic
tofu (depends on how many you're making for, about half the pack will do for 4 people, i used smoked tofu for extra tastiness!)
olive oil (for roasting)
1 sweet potato per person (i had a HUGE sweet potato so me and the boyf shared it hahaha!)
green salad

1) chop onion into rather large pieces and pop it into a shallow dish.

2) chop up the pepper and bang it in the dish too!

3) throw a few tomatoes in...

4) ...and as much garlic as you fancy (not too much though if you're still hoping Edward Cullen will realise Bella is a wussy wimp and the only girl for him, is in fact you)
don't bother to peel the garlic because when it's roasted you'll be able to take the outer part off quite easily and the garlic will be all nice and yummy inside.

5) chop up the tofu and add it to the stack of health

6) chuck in half a can of sweetcorn

7) now drizzle olive oil over it all and mix it so everything's covered. then pop it in the oven at 200o for around half an hour, or until the tomatoes have split and the peppers are soft.

8) whilst thats roasting, pop your sweet potato in the microwave/oven to cook. (personally i microwave it until it's pretty much cooked, then whack it in the oven with a dash of oil over it to crisp up.)

9) when said potato and veg is ALMOST ready, pour out your desired amount of couscous into a dish and cover with hot water. 
wait a few moments for it to soak all the water up, then stir it around a bit with a fork to make it go fluffy, then add a dash of pepper, salt and mixed herbs.

10) now add the roasted veg and mix it alllllll together :)

11) serve with the sweet potato and green salad and enjoy the yumminess! :)

happy eating! x


Satin and Souffles said...

I am going downstairs to make this right now haha. I am starving!


Luke said...

That looks awesome, and I don't even like couscous! Seriously hungry now! x

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Yummi! Looks really tasty:) And now i am hungry:)

Hope you visit me on my Blog

Sandra Leiva said...

OMG! Looks great! <3

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Looks lovely! x hivenn