Friday, 17 February 2012

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so, if you're not from the forest of dean then you might not have heard of 'the wilderness centre'. it's this beautiful old building that has been used to help educate children about the nature around them. it was shut recently because the council couldn't afford to keep it open, and now is going to be sold. this isn't good news. if it gets sold to a private buyer it could be turned into a hotel or more housing, things we really don't need.
'Friends of the wilderness centre' are a voluntary organisation formed to support the wilderness centre and to keep it going as a environmental education centre. 
i believe children need outdoor learning experiences, they need to know about things that cannot be taught from a classroom. every child should have a safe place to learn about the world around them whilst breathing fresh air.
so on thursday they held a public launch, if they can raise enough money the council will sell the wilderness to their charitable trust. 
i of course wanted to go to show my support and my mother, councillor Jackie Fraser asked me to not only come along, but to come along wearing this...

it was my job to stand on the side of the road and shout and wave and jump about at oncoming cars to try and get them to come and check out the launch. 
it was actually quite funny, there were other people all holding boards that read 'SAVE THE WILDERNESS' and i ran about like a mad person. 
every time somebody honked their car horn we all cheered.

mother and daughter


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Party Poison said...

Good on ya! Way to stand up for what you believe in. Major respect. I wish there were something like this over here, but I live in the central valley, aka California's bathtub. Nothing environmental happens over here, unless if you count cows :/