Friday, 24 February 2012

fabulous fridays presents... gimmie a ring, but hunny, i don't mean on the phone

well hello pretty people! hope everyones friday is as fabulous as it should be? 
bought myself a sweet little dress today to wear tomorrow. it was a rather lovely shopping spree that lasted almost the entire 30minutes of my lunch break. i am mentioning this because i feel it may be the ending to a bad streak i've been having lately with shopping. 
me and those shops, we haven't been seeing eye to eye. 
they closed their doors on me, they had slip slip tiled floors which made me go slip slip, all the clothes laughed at me and wouldn't let me get into my usual 10. 
buuuut, today of all days, when i was doubtful that my friday was going to be anywhere near fabulous, today was the day that i skipped into dorothy.p and saw this dahling of a dress that shimmied over all the right places.
can i get a woop woop?
when i'm all dressed up tomorrow i'll take a pic to show you the dress that is the start of my winning streak :)

and ohhh before i go, heres some rings i've made recently from discarded brooches and badges.
and my first few necklaces.

love and all that jazz x

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