Wednesday, 15 February 2012

be my valentine

WARNING contains soppy photographs 

so me and the boyf are one of those couples that do indeed celebrate not over the top, never expensive presents or major fuss, just something little to say 'hey there sweet little thing, lets cuddle'
we weren't sure what to do this year, we never really go for meals, they're no fun. and we decided to pass on the rom com. so that left only one option... 'The Woman In Black'! and oh golly miss molly was it scary! passion was replaced by fear. 
but anyway, here comes the slush...

the things i made the boyf (i made the chalk board because he's reading sherlock at the moment and whilst sat in bed a few weeks ago commented how strange it would be if we all still wrote on chalk boards but in a kinda good way. so there it is. ha.)
a little book full of tiny words of love
and of course pic 'n' mix

my yummies

i don't normally do the 'outfit post' thingy, just because, well i never seem to have time to put anything on that doesn't have paint/mud on it. 
but as it's a glimpse of what i skipped along to the cinema in. (and thats my FAVOURITE panda pin ever.)

well then lovelies, hope you all have a beautiful valentines, all the love and all that jazz 



Sweet Monday said...

waaaa your hair and your blog!!! <3 xxxxxxx

Niki said...

I love your gift ideas, especially the little book! So cute!

AmyBell said...

Those gifts are gorgeous! Hope you two had a lovely Valentine's day! xx

Party Poison said...

I guess I'm the only guy commenting on this, lol! But you two make a very cute couple. That chalkboard is awesome! I want to get chalkboard wallpaper, or some sort of implant all over at least one of my walls. That would be amazing. I'd go crazy for days...but that would mean one of my walls would have to be cleared of the posters, post its, or dry erase or bulletin boards I have all over the place :/

I liked the Ellie Goulding reference, and the panda pin is all kinds of awesome. Don't underestimate how lucky you are to have someone like that. I am on the edge of being tired of the single life...but I don't want to waste my life trying to make the wrong girl right, you know?

At least you had a great Vday! ;D
And on another light note you have managed to keep my attention for 3 blog posts now. New record!